Eleanor, twenty-five, England

The Musketeers, Star Trek, MCU, Teen Wolf, Pacific Rim, cute animals, science, space, brutalism, art, and much more.

"Steinberg’s reappropriated text [in Getting Lucky] functions as a telling commentary on modern American society and the gendered molds it imposes on women and girls. The counterculture revolution urged from within the controlled, sonnet form gives tongue-in-cheek nods to the norm while flipping the bird with glittery fingernails."

It’s not often I get to quote such a nice thing about my work. It simultaneously makes me want to trill in delight and hide under my bed, going, “noooooo stopppp.”

Thanks to Sivan Butler-Rotholz for featuring me in her Saturday Poetry Series, after she saw me read last month, and to Moonshot for making that reading happen. Generous spirits, all of them.

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